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Daisyflower Veil

$308-$560 *Canadian Dollars


Daisyflower veil  is made with the highest quality soft tulle and  adorned with our delicate handmade   flower and vine appliqués. You can have the vines created in various shades of green or they can be ivory. *See Sage green option on our Daisyflower gown below.

Abigail of Gardenia Veils are customizable, if you are envisioning a veil with a particular colour story or flower types, we would love to bring it to life!

Handmade in our Canadian Studio.


Elbow 25-20 Inches CA$ 308


Fingertip 40 Inches CA $ 360

Chapel -80 Inches CA $410

Cathedral 120 Inches CA$ 560

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