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For Lici

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Concept 1 

Artfully draped organza bodice with lace back detail, romantic puff sleeve & embroidery details.



Folds can flow over the top, or they can be made into a clean straight edge. Shown here with Chantilly lace layered underneath. It can be straight across- or more of a scoop shape.



Concept 2

Artfully draped organza off the shoulder with Chantilly lace fitted sleeve & embroidery details. Could also be made in full lace.


lace under organza


scrnmpbship 123.png

For an artful design such as this, I would send multiple design previews because there are so many options for the floral layout. ie: there could be some delicately placed at the waist, or even the shoulder. Also, I have only represented the lace back- It can also be done in the sheer net with embroidery. I have pictured here the lace underlaying the organza in the front, it can also be made with plain lining. The Chantilly lace that I have pictured is the lightest pattern, but I picture something more like your inspiration photo, with a bit more depth. We did not discuss whether or not you wanted a bow of any kind, so I left that out. Also you had talked about loving the flutter sleeves, but I don't feel that they compliment the off-shoulder style, and since you seemed very keen on that, I did not include that in the design package. That being said, this design package is just a starting point, and if you have any thoughts or visions after seeing it, I am happy to provide further sketches as well!


Price $4000 -$4500 CAD

approximately $2,900-$3300 USD

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