Our Story

The Designer

The Gowns.

Once upon a time, the designer of  Abigail of Gardenia began to dream up a collection of gowns for the Wildflowers. After 12 years of creating custom gowns for brides all over the world, Maureen wanted to create a collection of unique gowns inspired by the one of a kind brides she had worked with over the years.


Abigail of Gardenia emerged on the scene in 2016, and year after year has been releasing thoughtful & whimsical collections featuring timeless silhouettes and fanciful details. Maureen believes a woman's wedding gown should compliment her natural beauty, and she strives to accentuate the feminine spirit while expressing enticing elements of fanciful surprise.


In our collections, you will find timeless gowns with unique and feminine elements that make each gown special, and definitely a gown you will want to treasure for years to come. 

Maureen works side by side with her beloved husband Chad in their Northern Canadian studio.

They do all of their own photography in studio and love the challenge of capturing the essence of each collection though the lens. 


Our gowns are designed for the Wildflowers.

We create timeless silhouettes with fanciful details that make a lasting impression.


We use he highest quality materials 

and couture dressmaking techniques to 

produce heirloom quality wedding gowns.

ethically made.


We are passionate about ethical practices. 

Each Abigail of Gardenia gown is thoughtfully designed & handmade in our northern Canadian studio.


We love our environment, and 

strive to keep it beautiful with our 

zero-waste efforts. Almost every 

scrap on our cutting room floor is

re-purposed, or purposfully used.