You can try on Abigail of Gardenia gowns in the comfort of your own home! 

After approval of your inquiry, we will arrange shipping. 
Please note that Return shipping will be payable in advance via credit card or PayPal. Rates will vary depending on your location. Shipping cost will be credited back to you if you choose to order a gown.


what is the cost?
You are responsible for shipping cost, and these rates vary depending on your location: Please note that if you purchase a gown from us, this amount will be credited to your order.

USA - ranges $70-$115 USD
UK - ranges £80-£90 GBP
CANADA - ranges $50 -$60 CAD
AUS -ranges 125-180  AUD
NZ- 210-280 NZD

what if the dress is lost by the courier?
We use our trusted courier partners to ship the gowns worldwide, they are tracked as soon as they are picked up. If the dress is tracked that it was not delivered or gets lost in transit back to us after it has been picked up from you, you are not responsible in any way.

do you require a deposit?
We do not take deposits for try on at home dresses. We have all of your contact information, and we trust that you follow the try on instructions and handle the dress with care in receiving and returning the gown.

How many dresses can I try on?
Because we are a small studio, we allow only one dress at a time to be tried on. 

Try on at home Inquiry form.
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