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Unforgettable bridal, for love in bloom.

Each gown is designed to be comfortable, memorable, and unique; Abigail of Gardenia dresses are known for their effortless beauty & whimsical charm. High quality lightweight materials, timeless silhouettes and skilled craftsmanship make our made to order wedding gowns special, and something you will absolutely love to wear. Every item features a little golden bee, and is numbered for authenticity. Whether you choose a ready to wear design or a custom creation, the limited edition and bespoke nature of Abigail of Gardenia gowns makes them a unique and memorable addition to your wedding day.

About the designer & dressmaker.


I have been making wedding dresses and accessories for almost two decades, and continue to be inspired by the special qualities that are only found in fine bridal garments. Abigail of Gardenia began as an offshoot of my established custom design label Maureen Patricia Bridal. After designing Dayflower in 2017, I quickly fell in love with the whimsical elements and floral details of the first collection.  Not long after that, Abigail of Gardenia became my main label where I continue to explore a mix of unique floral & sequinned designs. Since 2016, the Abigail of Gardenia collections have been sold online and through stockists all over the world. Over the past few years, I have downsized stockists, and shifted my focus back to working with brides directly online in order to maintain the bespoke nature of the gowns, as well as keep everything in-house and limited in edition. My current design passions are unique floral embroidery designs, as well as the legendary golden Abigail gown, "Daystar". I strive to create new & fresh designs, and always love creating unique one of a kind custom designs for #thewildflowerbrides .

Each Abigail of Gardenia gown & accessory is made to order, and is designed, cut, sewn, and packaged in my Canadian studio.

Send a message if you have any questions, or would like to book a free consultation!                


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