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Veil Care

Your veil will arrive with some creases from transport, and will need to be steamed or pressed before it's debut on your wedding day!

Follow the steps below, and don't hesitate to send a note if you have any questions.
1. Using the metal hook that attaches the veil tag, gently hook it onto a hanger. Be sure that the hanger does not have any rough edges that could snag your veil.

2.Hang your veil out in an area that it can hang freely for some days, or until closer to your wedding date. Many of the wrinkles will fall out naturally over this time period. If you press it too far in advance, 
you may need to repeat the process again closer to the date if you need to store your veil.

3. Decide if you will steam/press it yourself, or if you will take it to a local professional.

4. If you decide to do it yourself, there are 2 options: Hand steamer or iron. Hand steamers are a simple option that allow you to run the steamer head over the veil from top to bottom while it hangs, and taking your time, you can gently release the wrinkles with steam. If you have a portable steamer machine on hand, this is a great option. However, some domestic steamers are not powerful enough to release wrinkles in tulle effectively, so you may need to use the iron option, which will be explained in the next step!

5. What you'll need: Ironing board, Iron with a steam setting that is filled to the max line with water, a cotton sheet, clean cotton tea towel, handkerchief, scrap fabric, pillowcase, etc. just be sure it is a cotton or linen, and that it is at least the width of your ironing board, & finally your veil that has been hung out for at least a few days.

6. Gently lay your veil with the outside embroidery side down. Start at one of the top side edges, and work your way around. It helps if you have an assistant to hold the veil up off of the floor while you press, but
if you are solo, just be sure to handle it very gently, and be sure there are no sharp edges on or around your ironing board that can snag your veil. 

Ensure it is completely smooth to
the ironing board,and not scrunched up beneath the pressing cloth.
7. First, set your iron to one of the steam settings, usually the cotton setting is good. ALWAYS test your 
iron first on the included tulle swatch. Scrunch up the swatch, then lay it flat under your pressing cloth, and once it is heated up, move your iron in circular motions, pressing the steam burst button as needed. Check to see if the setting you have it on is releasing the wrinkles, and that your pressing cloth is protecting the tulle. You may need to increase the heat, but just test it until you get the best result.

8.. With the backside of your veil spread carefully out onto the ironing board, you will want to first check that it is not folded under itself, always be smoothing it out completely flat as you go. 
If it is folded over itself, it will crease permanently! Cover the entire area with your pressing cloth. Do not touch the hot iron directly to the tulle on your veil, as it can damage it!
9. Continue pressing your veil, moving it gently, and always checking that it is completely smooth under the pressing cloth, and that you are moving the iron in circular motions. Never hold the iron down motionless onto the veil, and do not stand the iron upright on top of your veil. 

10. After you have completed the entire veil, hook it onto a hanger again, and hang it somewhere that 
is will fall freely, or where the bottom can be spread onto the floor if you do not have a high enough place to hook it. 

11. When you have worn your veil, and are ready to put it away, you can either have it professionally cleaned, or gently spot clean/hand wash it with a natural, scent free liquid detergent in a bathtub. Do not wring out the veil after, just rinse it very well, and lay it flat onto a towel, gently pressing out any excess water. Then hang to dry. You can repeat the pressing process before you store the veil, if you want to preserve it. Store your veil in a breathable storage bag, or with a cotton sheet over top. Never store your veil in plastic. Store your veil in a cool dark place that is dry and temperature controlled ie: a bedroom closet. Gently fold your veil in half lengthwise, and then half again, and place it over the bar of the hanger if your storage bag is too short for your veil. If the bar on your hanger is metal, place a clean cotton washcloth or scrap fabric over to pad it before placing your veil. 

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