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For Anna 

Custom Florencia

Key Points


Flutter sleeve with embroidery

Gold beading

Lighter lace applique

Button closure

example of beading:

Idea to incorporate gold, is to add gold 

beading to the yellow elements of embroidery on the gown. 

Lace replacement ideas

Original lace crochet style. 

Option 1: Delicate corded lace 

I would use multiple  appliqués like this to create a similar layout to the original, unless you wanted it changed.

Option 2: Embroidered cotton applique

Option 3: Embroidered applique in a more intricate style. 

Option 4: Delicate chantilly lace.

This is the lightest option, and would be 

very subtle, less visible than the others.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you have any other ideas on the lace applique.

All Images copyright Abigail of Gardenia 2020

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